Over the next few weekends, we’re going off to visit some of the graduate schools Laura’s considering. We’re going to visit Austin this coming weekend (March 23–25) and Seattle the next (March 29–31). While Laura is visiting the schools, I’ll be wandering around the cities; does anyone have any suggestions for things that would be good to do, see, or eat in Austin or Seattle?

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  1. I’ve never been to Austin, but two Seattle restaurants I’ve been to which I really like are Nishino (Japanese with a bit of a Seattle flavor) and the Metropolitan Grill (steak).

  2. Seattle, you must go to Etta’s Seafood. Also good are Lola (Greek), Wild Ginger (Asian), and Mama’s Mexican (less fancy but great food). For more fancy, go to Campagne which is right off of Pike Place. I’ve also heard good things about the Metropolitan Grill that Eric mentions.

  3. Last year as I visited Seattle, I was every second or third day in Wild Ginger, the asian restaurant Steven suggested. They have really great menus! And I can suggest them too.

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