When all else fails, talk about the weather

Here in Mountain View, today’s high was 78° F and the low is forecasted at 53°. Less than two weeks ago (February 28), the high was 53° and the low was 37°.

I know daylight savings time is supposed to give us more sun, but this is ridiculous!

2 thoughts on “When all else fails, talk about the weather

  1. Heh. Yeah, it has rather suddenly gotten a lot warmer, it seems! I was just noticing yesterday that I was uncomfortably warm outside with my usual sweater on, which is the first time this year that that’s happened.

    (Wasn’t this daylight-savings change supposed to prevent global warming?)

  2. Haha :D Come to Seattle and “enjoy” the weather here.

    I reaaaally prefer to be warmer, than like here… most of the year (except today!) cold, and chilly :(

    Even the dogs run away!

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