Finished Star Trek: Voyager, now watching Star Trek: The Animated Series

I finished watching Star Trek: Voyager last week. Overall, I enjoyed the final few seasons of the show, which I had never seen before (except for the series finale, which was not spectacular). Even the parts of Voyager I had seen before I thought were much better than I remembered them. Perhaps I had lowered expectations, or less to compare it with. When Voyager was on the air the first time around, I was watching it along with Deep Space Nine and Babylon 5, both superior shows. So maybe the lack of direct comparison helped it.

I’m now watching the Star Trek animated series. It’s out of order, but it was just released on DVD recently, so wasn’t around when I finished the original series almost two years ago. I had seen a couple of these episodes before (Nickelodeon used to show them), but long enough ago that I don’t remember anything about them. It took a few episodes to get used to the animation—the episodes feel very slow and static (even though they’re only half an hour long), because there’s not much motion in most scenes. Presumably this was to save money when drawing the animation.

I was surprised that both the episodes I had heard of and was looking forward to seeing (“Yesteryear” and “More Tribbles, More Troubles”) were on the first disc, so I have no idea what to expect from the rest. There are only 22 half-hour episodes, so it won’t take long to find out.