RIP: Ramon’s Burrito Real

Last night, I decided to go to Ramon’s Burrito Real, on Rengstorff, for a taco salad. Imagine my surprise when I pulled up, got out of my car, walked inside, and discovered that while it was still a Mexican restaurant, it was a different Mexican restaurant. Apparently Burrito Real is no longer in business.

I believe Burrito Real was started by the same people who run La Costeña, and the burritos at both are nearly identical (and top-notch), but Burrito Real had a more varied menu, including the Real Salad which I liked and isn’t available at La Costeña.

I didn’t try the new place (“Tapatio’s”) to see if it was any good; there are plenty of Mexican restaurants I know I like already. I usually prefer the taco salad at Buenobueno, but sometimes I’m in the mood for the one at Burrito Real instead, and I will miss it.

2 thoughts on “RIP: Ramon’s Burrito Real

  1. Haha :) The same happened to me last week! I went to Burrito but Tapatio’s was there instead!
    I tried the Burritos and I have to say they’re not bad, however, being an egg cracker, I asked for a few -personal- variations that were usual at Burritos. They “were not able to do them”. Burritos are “as they are”.
    Not like Burritos

    Ron Callman.

  2. I tried to go to Burrito Real last night only to be DEVESTATED by the closure! The new place does not have Chicken Mole, my #1 favorite. I tried a vegetarian burrito but was unimpressed. The other two in my party found their burritos to be ok, but nothing special. I was a really huge fan of Burrito Real and hope that I can get my fix from La Costena without undo loss of convenience or quality.

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