This is no time to make mistakes…

Today in the mail I received a letter from an agent of the New York Life Insurance Company. It begins:

Dear Mexei Kosut,

This is no time to make mistakes with your money.

Apparently it’s okay to make mistakes with other things, though. Like potential customers’ names.

3 thoughts on “This is no time to make mistakes…

  1. Hmm. Perhaps the A and L keys were broken, and they thought M a resonable substitute. Heh.

    For a long while I got college propaganda stuff addressed to Suzzane Franc Kirby. Turns out they had gotten my “name” from a list of presidential academic fitness award winners.

    When my school sent the list of qualified students to the feds for recognition, the school secretary spelled my name wrong.


  2. I actually feel for these guys. Trying to sell something that in the best case scenario the buyer actually doesn’t want to use it.

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