Whole Foods: Now Open

When I checked the Whole Foods new stores list a week ago, the Los Altos store was still listed as “Opening date to be announced,” but they apparently opened this last Wednesday. I haven’t been in yet, but I passed by this evening, and it looked quite busy. I did find this blurb in the store page amusing, though:

Los Altos is located in the heart of world famous Silicon Valley and is considered one of the most prestigious city’s in the Bay Area. Just 40 miles south of San Francisco, Los Altos is a residential community with tree lined streets served by seven small retail areas.

That’s a charming description of the city of Los Altos, but it has nothing to do with Whole Foods. The store is on El Camino Real, one of the busiest and largest streets in the region, directly across from one of Mountain View’s several enormous retail areas. I think the only trees you can find nearby are the ones that will be sold by the board-foot at the Home Depot planned to open there next year.