That was a strange phone call

I got a strange phone call earlier that I just now think I understand. I answered the phone, and the fellow on the other end claimed to be my mailman. He said he had lost the key to the front door, and needed to be let in so he could deliver the mail. This confused the heck out of me, since our mailboxes are outdoors. I thought maybe he meant the door on the back that he opens to put in all the mail, but I wouldn’t have the key to that! I told him I didn’t understand what he wanted, and he repeated several times that he was my mailman and needed to be let in the front door. I checked outside, just in case, but there was no one there. I considered whether this could possibly be some sort of confidence scam or burglary tactic, but that didn’t make any sense either, so I said he must have the wrong number, and hung up.

I think I get it now: Our phone number is the same one that Laura had in her old apartment, and I think she’s never been taken off the security system there. That building does keep the mailboxes inside the (locked) lobby, so I think we must have gotten called by that building’s mailman, who probably picked a random apartment to call, and got me instead, three blocks away.