Another boring day at work

Friday morning, a van drove into the lobby of my building. Besides an armed driver, the van was loaded with toxic chemicals, and a package (addressed to Steve Jobs) containing a bomb. As the building was evacuated, I was asked to help, and I spent half an hour applying pressure to the wounds on the receptionist’s head and what was left of her arm, until the ambulance arrived.

Well, not really. But we did have a “mock emergency drill and building evacuation,” during which all of the above was simulated.

One thought on “Another boring day at work

  1. Sounds exciting. And imaginative; when Suzi’s workplace did one of these, they had to make do with just a simple earthquake….

    I do have to wonder, though — if the package-with-a-bomb is being delivered by a special delivery service involving a van coming through the front lobby full of toxic chemicals and an armed driver, who would bother to actually address it?

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