Fun with TiVo

I unpacked the TiVo last night, and spent a good hour in Guided Setup reconfiguring it for our local cable and telephone setup. My TiVo Gripe Of The Day: Season Passes are channel-specific, which is fine, but it’s very frustrating when you move and find yourself with two dozen perfectly useless Season Passes, because NBC is now on KNTV instead of KSDK, etc…. It seems like a nifty feature would be if Guided Setup could notice “hey, you have a bunch of Season Passes for KSDK, which you no longer receive. Is there a local affiliate you’d like to switch them to?” As it is, I had to go through and make a new Season Pass for each program, re-enter the options and re-sort them, then cancel the old Passes. And since this is summer, and not every show has an episode airing in the next two weeks, there are some Season Passes that I can’t recreate right now. I can only hope I’ll remember to do it before I miss something.

2 thoughts on “Fun with TiVo

  1. One catch here is that several of the shows we watch are in syndication on at least one other channel, so for each show, in addition to the single program a week we’d actually want TiVo to record, we’d be getting an hour or two a day of other matches. (And that’s not counting all the other titles a wishlist for, for example, “Friends” would match on…) It’d use up disk space fast, so we’d have to be annoyingly vigilant about cleaning out the extra recordings, and probably also about checking for and resolving scheduling conflicts.

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