Public service announcement: keep those bike tires inflated

For only the second or third time in recent memory, I have remembered to inflate the tires on my bicycle before they’ve gone completely flat, and without damaging the tire or bike in the process. So therefore I wish to remind my fellow cyclists to check your tires and keep them inflated. I find that a properly inflated tire gives a much easier ride, and helps avoid costly trips to the bike shop.

I think the experts say to check your tire pressure every time you ride the bike, or at any rate more frequently than I do. I always seem to remember it when I’m at the other end of my commute from my bike pump, and by the time I’ve gotten home, I’ve forgotten. I don’t know exactly how long it’s been (a few months at least), but I normally inflate the tires to 65 PSI, and they were around 20, so that’s not great.