Ezri ezri ezri

I haven’t written much about Star Trek in a while, but I continue to watch, and I’m now about half way through the seventh (and final) season of Deep Space Nine. I made the mistake of reading something online that complained about the character of Ezri Dax being featured too often in the last season of DS9, and now of course it’s all I can think of every time I see her.

I’ve just seen four episodes in a row where the only characters we spend much time with are Ezri and the Ferengi (“It’s Only A Paper Moon,” “Prodigal Daughter,” “The Emperor’s New Cloak” and “Field of Fire”). And I don’t dislike Ezri, but the repetition bothers me. Also the lack of ongoing plot and focus on character stories while we’re supposed to be in the middle of a war.

Overall, though, I like Deep Space Nine a lot. I will be a little sad when it’s over. I haven’t decided what to watch next, though. I haven’t decided whether to see Voyager and Enterprise next, or stop Star Trek altogether. The original idea, when I started watching these DVDs fifteen months ago, was that I would be able to wrap my head around the whole Trek canon at once. That’s failed; I can barely remember what happened at the beginning of DS9, let alone the original series.

When I started watching, Enterprise had just finished airing, and I wasn’t that interested in seeing it again, but it’s now been over five years since I saw its first episode, so I’d sort of like to see it again. And as for Voyager, well, it comes next… Actually, I stopped watching Voyager after the second season the first time around, so I’ve never seen most of it. I heard it got better, though, so maybe I should give it a shot.