And all I ask is a tall month and a star to steer her by

All day, I’ve been wondering why my iCal window seems so cramped and busy, even though it’s the same size it’s always been. I finally realized it’s because April 2006 spans six weeks, rather than the usual five. So iCal’s month view shows 42 days instead of 35. I’ve made my window larger, and that seems to help.

It’s interesting that I’ve never noticed this before. Maybe I’ve just never paid enough attention; I do occasionally feel the need to resize iCal to fit everything comfortably, and the last six-week month was October 2005, which was over five months ago. The next one is this July.

The next four-week month is February 2009, the last was in 1998 (February 2004 also started on a Sunday, but it was a leap year).