Cingular: Today’s Update

I went to the Cingular store this morning. They gave me new SIM cards, and both phones seem to be working so far. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Mainly just to be ornery, I called Cingular customer service and asked them credit my account for the two days the phones were unusable. They told me they can’t give me a credit until my bill comes out, so I’ve made a note to call them again next month.

The Cingular store I went to was out of replacement Treo styli, and I couldn’t find any at Fry’s either, but I went to a different Cingular store, and they had some. For some reason, the replacement Treo 650 stylus that Palm makes is not the same as the one that comes with the device. I suppose it’s better; it’s got a metal body, and has a built-in ballpoint pen, but it’s not the same color or feel, and I liked the old one fine.

On the way home, I stopped at San Antonio Hobby, which is having a going out of business sale. The owner is retiring, and the store is closing December 10th. I haven’t been a huge fan of the store, but at 30% off, I figured maybe I’d buy something. Of course, most of what I’ve thought about buying there in the past had already been sold. I spent a few minutes looking through their collection of train books, but even at 30% off they were too expensive. Last week it was twenty percent, though, so maybe I’ll go back if they get to forty or fifty.

2 thoughts on “Cingular: Today’s Update

  1. And so I went to San Antonio, and came back, having bought some small random things — including a model car kit which has been sitting on their shelf, overpriced, for as long as I can remember, and which I’d been vaguely wanting to get (but not to pay that much for) for most of that time.

    I really really want one of the On3 geared logging locomotives. But I wouldn’t have anything to do with it if I bought it, so I didn’t get one.

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