The Missing Sync for Palm OS 5.0

I bought The Missing Sync for Palm OS 5.0 on Thursday. When I got my Treo, I had assumed I would be buying the Missing Sync right away. It turned out that the included Palm Desktop worked okay, and none of the features that Missing Sync provided seemed compelling. I was excited to hear about the release of 5.0, though, since it includes a new Mark/Space-written conduit that does a much better job of syncing the Treo’s contact and calendar programs with Mac OS X’s Address Book and iCal apps in Tiger. In my particular case, I was thrilled to see that it properly synchronizes the “Location” field between the Treo and iCal, that iCal’s calendars are synced with Palm OS categories, and it even syncs up my Address Book photos. Definitely worth the $39.95.

There is still one major annoyance I had with the iSync/Palm Desktop solution that is not fixed by the Missing Sync: events spanning multiple days in iCal are still only transferred to the Treo as single-day events. This is noted in a Missing Sync support article, but it would have been nice if there could be some sort of solution. The Treo doesn’t support multi-day events, but maybe turn the single multi-day event into a repeating single-day event?