Myst IV: Revelation

It’s way past my bedtime, but I finally finished Myst IV. I’ll admit I made heavy use both of the built-in hint system and a walkthrough I found on the Web. Partly, this was because Revelation had the same problem as Exile: at times, the necessary path or puzzle piece was too hard to find, or it turned out to be in a place I thought I’d checked, but I hadn’t clicked in exactly the right place.

I also “cheated” because I found many of the puzzles far too tedious. One of the things I liked about the original Myst, and especially Riven, is that the process of solving the puzzles also caused the story to unfold. What I found about Revelation was that I would enter an age (or part of an age), wander around for a while, learn the story points, and then be stuck with three or four complex and annoying puzzles, that I had figure out before I could move on and learn more about the story or characters. Usually I “got” what the puzzle wanted me to do, but I’m not determined enough—or not clever enough—to go through the process of figuring the right solution. I almost prefer looking up the solution, so I can get on with the game and cool new things. In that respect, I was a little disappointed; Revelation’s plots and characters had a lot of good setup, but once the plot got going, there wasn’t much in the way of meat, and the climax and ending felt especially weak.

I’ve never been good at puzzles. I like to feel clever, and being on the receiving end of a puzzle usually make me feel a little dim. What I really like is giving puzzles, since then I already know the answer, and I can feel smart (it’s too bad I don’t have a gift for inventing them, either.) Knowing that the solutions were so quick at hand probably made me more likely to use them; if I’d had to play the game without access to the hint guide or walkthrough (like with Riven), maybe I would have gotten through more of it on my own. On the other hand, maybe I would have given up and put the game on a shelf for a couple of years, as I did with the original Myst.

Did I really “play” Revelation? Probably not. On the other hand, I played enough of it to make myself happy, and it did last me two weeks of evenings, which is pretty good. Myst IV: Revelation did have some fun and interesting points, but the gameplay was mostly the same as Myst III: Exile, with a less detailed story.

Overall rating: B

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  1. In Msyt IV Revelation.
    at the door where you see a color wheel could you send a picture or tell me whitch color goes where, I have been working in the wheel for a week now could you help a little.

  2. David,

    If I’m thinking of the right puzzle, this varies from game to game. You get clues as to which colors they are in other parts of the game, but it’s random which ones you’ll need. If you’re having trouble figuring out where you find the color’s clues, or how to fit them into the wheel, try using the game’s built-in hint system. To be honest, I really don’t remember any of the details.

  3. I just finished Myst IV for the second time…. do I really have it right…. both sons die and I only save yeesha….. same ending both times I tried, well that doesnt include the one time i pulled the other lever to see what happens. Is there another ending where you are able to save all three of them and the music builds and it is exciting…. I must say im very disapointed with this game and I have enjoyed the previous ones alot. It is quite obvious that the original team that put together myst didnt work on this one…..

  4. I agree. The puzzles are far to difficult and tedious to let you get through the story enjoyably. I was able to get through almost all of Riven, Exile and Uru without resorting to spoilers and hope that future installments of Myst will use to a more reasonable level of difficulty.

  5. Hi
    can you help me get pass the music wheel puzzle please and make them monkeys go away do i have to complete this puzzle to play rest of game

  6. boggeled by 3 wheel monkey puzzel they sometimes work but mostly do nothing have looked at cheats done replays and it all seems random help help help 11/28/06

  7. Yeah I liked mainly the plot development in Myst IV Revelation, with Yeesha and her relationship with her brothers whereby the brothers manipulate her to suit their own devious purposes. That was the main exceptional feature of the game, for me. Also I liked the new game technology… with the changing lighting, and dynamic graphics, and all of that. Pretty good game!

  8. can anyone tell me why i can’t get teh snakes to unravel. I have read teh cheat clues on how to do it but neither of them will unravel. thanks

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