CHP Traffic Incident Information Page

I discovered this with Google today, when Laura called because she was stuck in traffic, and it appears incredibly useful. It shows all the current traffic “incidents” reported to the CHP (choose your location from the pop-up in the upper left), and lets you track their status. Everything the CHP dispatcher knows, you know.

In this case, it appears there was a “UPS TK VS BLK HOND OR MAZD.” Ouch. At 5:20, they got a tow truck and “ALL LANES OPEN”, although “TOW STUCK IN TRAFFIC” as of 5:41, so that doesn’t sound good. Also, I notice yet another accident at 92 and 35 at 5:36, and I can only hope Laura has gotten over the hill by now.

My brother’s coming into town tonight, and we’re supposed to have dinner with him and my aunt, so I’m hoping not to be too late…