5 thoughts on “Poodle Hat

  1. Pretty good! There are a couple tracks I really like, and a few I’m not yet sure of, but nothing bad. I haven’t been keeping up on popular music well enough in the past year to know how good the parodies of recent songs are (although I really like the first track, “Couch Potato,” which is a parody of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself.”) There are, of course, a lot of originals, as well a few parodies of older songs (“Piano Man” and “I Want It That Way”), which I can appreciate fully :)

    Disclaimer: It’s got a QuickTime logo on the back, which I think means that I have to approve of it, since I’m a soon-to-be Apple employee.

  2. What all Songs are on the CD I haven’t found much info an the different songs? Please e-mail me back with the answer.

  3. I found your site while I was “Weird Al” surfing. After listening for several weeks, I can say Poodle Hat is one of Al’s best works. Worth the wait. It won’t replace RWS as my favorite, but it’s darn close.

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