NCIDpop 0.9.5

Since I released NCIDpop 0.9 in January, I’ve received a number of emails from people who’ve had difficulty patching ncidd to work with NCIDpop. This turned out to be especially complicated due to the fact that my patch didn’t compile on Linux (oops). Thanks to everyone who wrote to me, and especially those who sent me Linux-compatible versions of the patch; I apologize for never putting them online.

Anyway, I finally got around to rewriting NCIDpop’s network layer to not need a patched server. You can now use NCIDpop with a stock ncidd, as available directly from the NCID Web page.

Download NCIDpop 0.9.5

Update (May 17): The NCID Web page is back up, now hosted at SourceForge.

2 thoughts on “NCIDpop 0.9.5

  1. Wonderful program (NCIDPOP! The XP version worked fine on one PC taking a feed from my hacked DirecTiVo running NCIDD.

    All I had to do was stick in the TiVo IP and the pop up display is fine on a Samsung LCD PC display using a DVI connection.

    My other PC receives the callerID into the log OK, but will not display the pop up. This display is a Dell HDTV LCD also connected via DVI cable.

    I’ve tried a number of display options to no avail on the Dell. I also tried your version.

    Any ideas?

    Best Regards

  2. I really want to run multiple instances each pointing to a different port. I’m not a programmer so I don’t know how. We have 4 phone lines and love this gizmo.

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