One last-minute change before I go…

My PC has a new desktop background picture, thanks to [info]jk08‘s wonderful post to [info]photographie:


Now that I’ve taken care of that, I guess everything’s all ready for my trip to California. Oh, except I guess I should finish packing.

27 thoughts on “One last-minute change before I go…

  1. Do you have a large version of this pic? The original seems to be down on the LJ thread.

  2. tat bunny is so cute im gettin a bunny soon and i hope it looks like tat one awsome pic!!!!+

  3. !!! It’s absolutely adorable!!! I’m just wondering if you knew what type of bunny it is ! I want to keep one at home too ! =)

    Thx! Please e-mail me!


  4. Love the bunny, We have just bought one just like that, her name is Blossum, she is 5 weeks old, we have had her for 1 week and she lives indoors with us! We have trained her and she is the most perfect little pet we could have picked. Although we dont know what sort of bunny she is, do you have any ideas, seens you have one yourself????

  5. It’s not my rabbit, and I’ve never owned one. It’s just a photo I saw on LiveJournal. Sorry!

  6. hey um btw whut type of bunny is this and do u know anything i can quickly make for the rabbit to play with or to amuse it??? thnx alot plz reply

  7. that pic is soooooooooo cute!i am going to get a baby rabbit just like that one as soon as i have enough money for the supplies.


  8. hey, thanks for the answers =) i’ll update if i ever get one or get the actual scientific name for it!

  9. that is the most cutest bunny i ever seen!! is sooooooo cute I wanted one like that i hope u still have it because i want to by it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. hi its me again i just cant stop looking at it becase it was the cccccccuuuuuuuuuuuttttttttttteeeeeeessssssssssssttttttttttt wabbit I have seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I relly want that bunny. Plzzzzz, give it to me

  11. Oh my gosh!!! My rabbit looks exactly the same!! I got my rabbit for christmas and it looks like that rabbit except bigger!!

  12. Oh my gosh I commented back in may but I still can not believe how cute your rabbit is. My rabbit is exactley the same but alot bigger because she is an adult.

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