Snap, crackle, and… pinch?

I’m a fairly anal-retentive cook, and it’s always bothered me when recipes call for a “pinch” or a “dash.” It bugs the heck out of me. How much is a “dash”, anyway? I need precision!

So when I saw this on the shelves of the local Linens ‘n Things, I knew they would be getting four extra dollars from me I hadn’t been planning on spending. I really need to stop shopping while I’m unemployed.

3 thoughts on “Snap, crackle, and… pinch?

  1. Precision? That’s silly.

    Why is it that a recipe calls for precisely 1/2 tbsp or 1 tsp of a certain spice, but never 7/8 tbsp or 1.265 tsp? What should people in the rest of the world do? Their recipes have measurements in cc’s.

    How strong is that spice anyway. Maybe it’s been sitting on the shelf too long and lost a bit of its punch. You’d better add a pinch more to compensate.

    Relax. In almost all cooking (some baking would be an exception), getting the proportions precisely “right” is unnecessary.

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