Spices and spices and spices, oh my!

This week’s menu, courtesy of Classic Indian Cooking, by Julie Sahni:

  • Shahi Korma (Royal Braised Lamb with Fragrant Spices)
  • Murgh Masala (Chicken in Onion Tomato Gravy)
  • Saag (Fragrant Buttered Greens)
  • Zarda (Sweet Saffron Pilaf)
  • Chapati (Baked Whole Wheat Bread)

And to be added tomorrow, if we can find a store that carries chick-pea flour,

  • Piaz Pakode (Onion Fritters)

In the process of grocery shopping for this meal, we nearly doubled the size of our spice collection (which wasn’t small to begin with). Indian food uses a lot of spices. Too bad Penzeys is closed on Sundays.