MTThreadedComments: You know you want it

Has the bare look and minimal functionality of the comments in your Movable Type weblog been getting you down? Have your readers been clamoring for cool new features like threading? Been considering buying a LiveJournal account so your comments can have subject lines? No longer! Now, you can get all these features and more with MTThreadedComments, new from Alexei Kosut.

How much would you pay for this amazing plugin? $100? Too much! $50? Too much! 27¢? Too much! What would you say if I told you it was free? That’s right. Absolutely free!

MTThreadedComments enhances your weblog’s comments with subject lines and threading, letting your readers reply not only to your entry, but to other comments as well, displaying the comments in an easy-to-read nested format. It even makes julienne fries! And if you act now, we’ll throw in, at no extra cost: absolutely nothing! That’s right folks. You can’t get a better deal than that.

So pick up that phone and download today.

40 thoughts on “MTThreadedComments: You know you want it

  1. Neat. So when will you have all of the functionality of Salieri reproduced in Movable Type? :)

    I’ll pass on the julienne fries, but I’ll take the nothing.

  2. Displaying the outward threading is always the challenge and why we’ve put off including it in any versions. However, this looks really neat. Good job.

  3. can you release the plugin in a format other than .patch? i, and i’d guess the vast majority of mt users, don’t have access to a commandline on my server. thanks

  4. I noticed that the left border of the comment nesting boxes, here, stop at the top and bottom of the comment. They look beautiful.

    On my site, though, they extend into the top and bottom padding of the comment (padding-top and padding-bottom of .comments-body). Naturally, I can reduce the padding to zero, but then the comments are all squished together. This seems to be true on the other sites I’ve seen that use threaded comments.

    How can I adjust this so that left border doesn’t extend into the top and bottom padding?

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