I’ve upgraded my weblog to Movable Type 2.6. I’ve got a fairly permissive set of HTML tags allowed in comments, but I may have missed one or two people might want to use. So preview your comments carefully, and let me know if it strips out something you expected to see. I also switched the character set to UTF-8, mainly because I got tired of Safari not posting …, – and — to ISO-8859-1 forms in a useful way (But see! I typed them in Safari this time, and they worked! Unicode rocks.)

I also installed Adam Kalsey’s SimpleComments plugin, which merges comments and Trackbacks into a single list. And I fixed the comment posting script so that the back button in your browser won’t cause you to post comments twice anymore. Sorry about that.

Update (4:19 PM): I hacked MT to add subjects to comments. I’ll reimplement all of LiveJournal yet!