Nick, please don’t ride your Segway on the sidewalk

Lest anyone think I’m picking on Nick too much, I will now demonstrate my concern for his well-being by suggesting that he not ride his Segway on the sidewalk. He may or may not be likely to injure pedestrians, but I’m worried I’ll hit him with my car.

My car collided with a bicycle last night (I think it hit me, actually) when I was pulling out of our apartment building’s garage. Luckily, the biker wasn’t hurt, but she got thrown off her bike pretty good. If she’d been riding on the street instead of the sidewalk, I don’t think this would have happened: The sidewalk is very close to the building, which means that my visibility exiting the garage is poor. It’s plenty to see if there’s a pedestrian walking at three miles per hour, but a bike or Segway going 10–15 mph is too far away to notice before I pull right out into it!

So Nick, even if there aren’t any pedestrians around, please don’t speed your Segway down the sidewalk. Especially the one right outside my apartment.

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