I made mint chip ice cream just now

I was following the directions in the ice cream maker’s booklet, but it was obvious that it was going to turn out white (with black specks), rather than green (with black specks) like the stuff at Baskin Robbins. Food coloring to the rescue!

Food coloring is cool. Also food processors, but that’s a story for another day.

3 thoughts on “I made mint chip ice cream just now

  1. Yeah, this always freaks me out, too.

    I’m a Baskin-Robbins child as well and I’m used to green Mint Chocolate Chip … also helps that they have pretty much the best Mint Chocolate Chip.

    If you go to a supermarket, though, and look around, turns out that many, many manufacturers go with white. Go figure.


  2. When I buy ice cream at the store, it’s always Breyer’s, and their mint chip is white. They trumpet the “all-natural” thing, and most of the green food dye out there doesn’t qualify. When I first had white mint-chip ice cream, I was weirded out by it, but now I have a bit of an “ew, fake” reaction to the green stuff. And it doesn’t help that the cheap no-good generic brand stuff is always the most brightly colored; cheap ice cream, or anything that reminds me of it, grosses me out a little.

    But the stuff Alexei made is good enough that I would probably eat it even if it were some kind of radioactive lime color. Doesn’t matter once it’s in your mouth, right?

  3. I know the stuff from Baskin Robins is Green but that’s because of food coloring! If you make your ice cream naturally it will be white

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