Steve Jobs really likes themes, doesn’t he?

He must have spent twenty minutes showing us the new themes in iDVD 3 and Keynote. I was a little bored. Other than that, though, the MacWorld Expo keynote was pretty impressive. The updates to iPhoto and iMovie look nice, and I’m happy that they’ll be free downloads.

The new PowerBooks are definitely impressive. I’m a little dubious about the worth of a 17″ screen on a laptop (will it even fit on a coach-sized airplane seat-back tray?), but the 12″ PowerBook is something I’ve been wanting for a while. A G4 processor, SuperDrive, and built-in Bluetooth in a tiny under-five-pounds case. Wow. I want one.

Apple also introduced a new Web browser, Safari. I’m using the beta to write this, and while it’s nice, it doesn’t impress me all that much. Some of the unique features are nice, like the bookmark management and use of Cocoa spell-checking for forms, but it’s missing enough features I’m used to in Mozilla and Chimera (like tabs), that I don’t plan to switch anytime soon. Steve claimed Safari was fast, but Chimera still feels faster to me.

I’m also a little disappointed that they chose to use KHTML as the basis for Safari’s HTML rendering, and not Gecko. They’ve done a pretty good job, but I like Gecko better, and regardless of technical plusses or minuses, I would have rather have seen Apple’s development efforts benefit Mozilla instead of KDE!