Eggs are probably bad for you anyway

I’ve tried a few times recently to cook an omelet, but I can’t seem to get the hang of it. Either the egg doesn’t cook quickly enough to keep its shape, and I end up having to scramble it, or I have too much heat and the egg fries as soon as it hits the pan, resulting in something that looks a lot like an omelet, but doesn’t really taste like it, or stay folded well.

Maybe I should stick to easier breakfasts, like cereal and milk or leftover pizza.

One thought on “Eggs are probably bad for you anyway

  1. I highly recommend ice cream. Though not coffee ice cream, which is all we’ve got at home right now. I really like coffee ice cream in more elaborate concoctions, but a bowl of coffee ice cream on its own doesn’t seem to do much for me. We should buy another flavor next time, but Straub’s doesn’t seem to carry most of the flavors I want. Maybe we should go to a different grocery store next time. I’m babbling.

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