Radio Free Eric

Eric is using Movable Type for his weblog now, too. By my count, that means there’s at least
Movable Type running on rescomp. I guess it’s a popular choice.

By the way, Eric, the lack of titles in your Radio RSS feed never bothered me that much. It was the lack of links. Now, if only you had comments enabled, I wouldn’t have to keep responding to you here :)

One thought on “Radio Free Eric

  1. The lack of titles bothered me. Too hard to tell where one entry ends and the next begins when I’m viewing it via RSS on my LJ friends page. But the fact that it fed the whole entry also bothered me. And the fact that it just fed a whole bunch of entries over again because Eric changed the links also bothers me. :-) Maybe I’ll remove Eric’s weblog from my friends list until it cleans up its act…

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