I have writer’s block

I haven’t written here in a while. I feel like I should have something to write. Something to say… But I don’t, of course. I feel like I had something to say earlier today. Maybe yesterday? But I have nothing to say now. Oh well. At least I can spend a whole paragraph explaining how I have nothing to write. That means I still remember some English. Even if I am writing about nothing. (Does this remind anybody else of Seinfeld?)

Of course, given my luck, I’ll think of something incredibly insightful and interesting to say half an hour from now, and this entry will look sort of silly.

But maybe no one will see it. Right now only Laura and Eric know this site exists, and they probably don’t read it reguarly. Oh, Sindy knows it exists, but probably not its address. I could link it from my Web page. People probably see that from time to time. It’s in my .sig, at least.