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As many anticancer drugs are substrates for OATPs, expression of these transporters in tumors may affect the intracellular concentration of drugs, and, therefore, influence their effectiveness

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It should be obvious that effects like these are systemic (everywhere the blood goes) and as such can affect practically any weakened tissue in the body

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Today, 80 percent of prescriptions here are filled with a generic, saving upstate New Yorkers more than $1 billion since Univera’s effort began.

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Intel experts will also show their latest gaming product offerings and how they provide the ultimate gaming experiences.

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For this to happen, health care professionals and policy makers need access to the latest evidence

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I don't know what my result was either

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my mother left a few years earlier for fear of her life and her children's, and my step father (whomI

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We should not expect drug cartels to be posting wholesale ads on Silk Road or any other copycat website which pops up (as many have recently)

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