Star Trek: The Original Series

Over the past few months, I’ve been having Netflix send me Star Trek: The Original Series on DVD, which I’ve been watching, at the rate of about one a day. This morning, I watched the final episode (“Turnabout Intruder”), and put it in the mail.

It was interesting to watch the series. I haven’t seen any episodes of the show in a long time; I used to watch them in reruns sometimes when I was little, but once they moved to cable channels I don’t subscribe to, I ceased seeing them. There are also a lot of episodes I had never actually seen, although of course I had read all the episode descriptions back in my days as a teenage Star Trek fanatic.

I was surprised at how dated some of the series felt; some of the attitudes displayed about sex and race felt very out of place compared to modern day. It was also interesting to see how inconsistent the series was in terms of characterization and writing quality. A lot of the aspects that come immediately to mind when I think of Star Trek appear only briefly, but were probably intensified by pop culture references and the feature films.

Next up, Star Trek: The Next Generation.