So many places to eat…

The other day, I happened upon Yahoo! Local, which lets you “find businesses and services near you.” I’m not quite sure how or why it’s a different site than Yahoo! Yellow Pages, which has much the same purpose, but I digress: I was looking for nearby restaurants. According to the service, there are 2530 businesses categorized as “Restaurants” within 10 miles of where I live. I had them sorted by distance, and had read through the listings. After the 150th—the Gelato Classico on Castro Street, 1.23 miles away—I had stopped.

Tonight, on my way to La Costena to pick up some burritos1, I realized I hadn’t seen it on the list. Sure enough, it’s at number 170, just over 1.3 miles away. This is a place I think of as very close by, and it’s not even in the closest2 150 restaurants. I can only conclude that there are a whole heck of a lot of places to eat nearby.

1 According to Citysearch: “On May 3, 1997, Mountain View’s Burrito Real, working with La Costena, created a burrito at Rengstorff Park that measured 3,578 feet long and weighed 4,456 pounds. It was a wrap for the ages and Guinness called it the World’s Biggest Burrito.”
2 Of course, Yahoo!’s distances aren’t always very accurate, since it calculates distance as the crow flies. Given the way the streets around here are designed, that’s not always a useful measure of how long it’ll take to get somewhere.

2 thoughts on “So many places to eat…

  1. Local is basically an improved yellow pages with better listings, better integration with maps, and user reviews.

    I don’t remember if it actually calculates driving distances or not.

  2. Hey Alexei, once upon a time there was a very good mexican restaurant in Mountain View (I think, as I never did the driving to get there) somewhere along El Camino Real. The place was in an industrial park, next to a concrete company. The contrast was as delicious as the food. Would you know of the place and perhaps know it’s name? It once (circa ~1993) was *the* Apple engineering hangout. I’ve tried to find it but no longer live in the Bay area. Sigh. Thanks!

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